i-Lipo FAQs

i-Lipo FAQs

With the summer right around the corner and your new year’s resolution far behind, you might need a little help shedding the extra pounds you packed on during the holiday season.  Perhaps it is time to try i-Lipo: The intelligent alternative to liposuction.  You probably have a lot of i-Lipo questions, and here are some answers:

How much can I lose with i-Lipo?

Patients typically report a 10% inch loss reduction following a treatment regimen.  Generally patients enjoy a 2-4 cm loss is with each treatment. Many people lose around 2-4 inches by the end of their treatment cycle.

Are i-Lipo results permanent?

Yes, but also no.  Results will last as long as they are maintained.  This means changing small lifestyle habits – like saying no to Klondike bars.  I-Lipo will help take the pounds off but it is up to you to keep them off through diet and exercise.

How long are i-Lipo treatments?

i-Lipo treatments typically last 30-40 minutes, but this is not including the 10 minute whole body vibration session that we provide to our patients after the treatment.

When will I see results?

Results are typically seen immediately after the first treatment, and after the full treatment cycle (8 sessions) you will see a dramatic reshaping of the body as well as cellulite reduction.

Is i-Lipo safe?

Yes and yes.  I-Lipo is 100% safe and FDA approved.  The procedure itself is painless and patients typically report a warm feeling due to the pads.  The i-Lipo technology uses lasers to break down fat cells via natural body processes, so all it really does is speed up a process the body already performs.


Still have questions about i-Lipo?  Give us a call and we will set up a consultation to answer all of your questions and help you discover why i-Lipo is the right choice for you.

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